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Вредная химия в бочках

Isolate a chemical plant area in the Irkutsk region

As it turned out, in the city of Usolye-Sibirskoye after the 1930s, the chemical plant worked for wear and tear. And after that. as the facilities were worn out, the equipment became unusable - the plant was closed. And all this time it has not been reconstructed or tested.

Considereda by-productinthe production of soda, calcium chloridehas found applicationin many areas.Mainly usedliquid calcium, which is a solution of calcium chloridein waterwith a mass fractionof the substancenot less than thirty-five percent. This solutionis usuallygreenishor yellowish, oftentransparent, andmay precipitation.

The productionis not soraresituations when it is necessaryto acquire a sufficient number ofanyhousehold chemicals.Our company can offer youto do thaton very favourable terms.

You have to see the offer to sellcaustic soda (sodium hydroxide)onlyfor a particular city? You would like to obtain the necessarychemicalsubstancesfor severalof its enterprises?