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N-Propyl acetate (N-propyl ether of acetic acid) belongs to the most common class of organic solvents - esters.

In terms of its dissolving power, it is similar to ethyl acetate and has wide practical application.

Synonyms and international names
N-Propyl Acetate, NPAC, 1-Propyl Acetate, N-Propyl Acetic Acid,

Propyl Acetate, N-PROPYL ACETATE, 1-Propyl Acetate.


Dissolves a wide variety of natural and synthetic resins.

Mixes well with many organic solvents, including alcohols, ketones, glycols and glycol ethers.

Promotes spreading and leveling of paints and varnishes.

Due to this property it is often used in wood varnishes.

Due to its low toxicity and pleasant fruity odor, propyl acetate is used in the perfumery industry.

It is also found in aerosols, personal care products, nail polishes, and more.

Propyl acetate is widely used in the printing industry as a solvent for flexographic and special inks.

Used to adjust the drying speed of flexo paints as an accelerator.

N-propyl acetate (NPAC) is supplied in original containers from the manufacturer in 180 kg drums.