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Alcohol-soluble nigrosine

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Alcohol-soluble nigrosine (black aniline) is a bluish-black powder, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, benzene and methylbenzene, oleic acid, stearic acid. 

Synonyms and international names

Aniline black alcohol-soluble, Aniline, Solvent black 5




  • production of carbolite (bakelite) powder;

  • rubber production;

  • production of pigment resin solvents;

  • production of dyes for plastic products;

  • production of varnishes, dyes and inks, copy paper;

  • painting of fabrics, plastics, furs, wood materials, leather, silk;

  • manufacture of footwear, shoe ointments, creams and shoe polish sponges.


Alcohol-soluble nigrosine is supplied in original containers from the manufacturer: in bags of 15 and 25 kg.