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Orthophosphoric acid

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Orthophosphoric acid (phosphoric acid) is an inorganic acid, which under standard conditions is colorless hygroscopic crystals.

Above 213 ° C, orthophosphoric acid is converted to pyrophosphoric acid H4P2O7.

Very soluble in water.

Often, orthophosphoric (or simply phosphoric) acid is called an aqueous solution (a colorless, odorless syrupy liquid). Also soluble in ethanol and other solvents.

Synonyms and international names
Phosphoric acid, O-phosphoric acid, Phosphoric acid, Orthophosphoric acid

Application Orthophosphoric acid

Industrial orthophosphoric acid is the most important intermediate product for the production of phosphoric and complex fertilizers and industrial phosphates;

it is also widely used for the phosphating of metals, as a catalyst in organic synthesis.

Food grade phosphoric acid is used to make soft drinks, medicines, dental cements, etc.


Cans 35 kg, IBC-containers 1600,1700 kg.


Shelf life - 1 year from the date of manufacture.