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PLASTGEL is a multifunctional reagent for a wide range of applications in oil production processes.

PLASTGEL has been successfully applied:

In technologies for increasing oil production by polymer flooding.

As a high performance clay inhibitor in drilling fluids
The reagent has a unique composition, it is capable of forming a precipitate and a gel simultaneously with water containing Ca and (or) Mg ions, the higher their content, the greater the amount of precipitate and the viscosity of the gel.

If the water is not mineralized enough, calcium chloride (CaCl2) is added to the water. Inside the rock of the oil field, it interacts only with the rock and the highly mineralized water in it, but not with the oil.

The use of PLASTGEL composition in the oil industry allows:

Improve the efficiency of oil recovery from heterogeneous reservoirs

Reduce water cut of produced oil from unproductive water injection

Reduce the cost of waterproofing work.

PLASTGEL reagent provides:

Maintaining the original borehole diameter

Wellbore stability

Homogeneity of the drilling mud in the case of highly polyvalent aggression, that is, it is a protective agent for polysaccharides (biopolymers, starches.

When opening the productive horizon, there is no need to install a silicate bath, due to the fact that the composition already contains a high-modulus sodium silicate, which additionally reinforces the walls of the well.

The shelf life is 24 months from the date of production.


Oil industry

Drilling mud
Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

As a high performance clay inhibitor in drilling fluids.