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Guar gum

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Fast Hydrating Guar / Food Grade / Technical Grade

Guar gum is a white powder, used in the food industry as a stabilizer-thickener or structured substance (gives the aqueous phase a viscous long texture).

Guar gum is extracted from the ground endosperm of the guar plant.

The plant is cultivated in India and Pakistan for human consumption.

Pods are about 15 cm long, containing six to nine seeds with a diameter of 2-3 mm.

The seeds contain up to 70% gum (the highest polysaccharide is galactomannan).
Guar gum is a cost effective stabilizer and sealant.

The gum hydrates quickly in cold water and creates a viscous pseudoplastic solution with a low tensile strength, which, however, is higher than that of locust bean gum.
Guar gum is more soluble than locust bean gum and a better emulsifier compared to it.

At the same time, guar gum exhibits fairly good resistance to freeze-thaw processes. In combination with xanthan gum, it exhibits synergy.


Powdered guar gum can be dispersed and hydrated in cold and hot water to form a viscous colloidal dispersion or solution.

The viscosity achieved depends on temperature, time, concentration, pH, stirring speed and particle size of the powder.

In cold water, maximum viscosity can be reached after 1 to 4 hours.

Synonyms and international names
Guar Flour, Guar, Guar Gum, E412, Guarana, Guar Gum


• food industry;

• oil industry;

• production of building mixtures;

• textile industry;

• production of cosmetics;

• the tobacco industry.


The shelf life is 12 months from the date of production.

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- Xanthan gum