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Xanthan gum (Xanthan gum, XANTHAN GUM) is a high performance biopolymer with excellent rheological properties. Small amounts of xanthan can provide sufficient suspension without adding large amounts of commercial clay solids. XANTHAN GUM Biopolymer is most effective in minimizing potential damage to pay zones and helping optimize drilling practices. At elevated temperatures, xanthan gum provides stable rheological characteristics and gives better results.

Xanthan gum produces drilling fluids with extremely low solids content and excellent bulk and suspension properties. This is due to thixotropy, i.e., with an increase in shear stress, the viscosity decreases, with a decrease in stress, the initial viscosity is instantly restored, which provides:
• minimal settling of drill cuttings in static conditions;
• improved well flushing at lower bentonite concentrations;
• reduction of circulation pressure losses;
• optimal hydraulic mode of the bit, which increases the ROP.
Xanthan gum is a versatile product and can be used in most types of water-based solutions. It is also compatible with most of the other drilling fluid additives most commonly used in these fluids, although it is always recommended that prior testing be performed before using any questionable product combination.

Xanthan is effective in freshwater and brine-based drilling fluids, as well as a variety of workover and brine-based injection fluids over a wide pH range.
Synonyms and international names
Xanthan gum, xanthan gum, xanthan gum, xanthan biopolymer, xanthan thickener for drilling fluids, E415, XANTHAN GUM, XANPLEX, XANPOL, Ziboxan, Zibozan.

• Vertical and horizontal drilling
• Drilling of large diameter wells
• Well injection fluids
• Solutions for opening formation
• Drilling fluids without solids for well injection and workover fluids
• Solutions for coring
• Operations with gravel pack
• Clean spacer fluids for perforating work
• Plasticizer-reducing fluid friction for coiled tubing operations
• Profile modification
• Fracturing fluids
• Thickener for hydrochloric acid
• Prevention of casing bending in the well when using barite-containing solutions
• Thickener at low concentrations of solutions, as well as to stabilize emulsions

• Stable regulation of the rheological characteristics of the solution
• Excellent suspension capabilities
• Produces shear thinning slurry for optimum ROP
• Good performance in solutions based on fresh water, seawater, brines and brine
• Fast dispersion
• Minimal material consumption compared to other thickeners
• High compatibility with other drilling fluid additives
• Combination with various gelling polymer compounds
• Minimal damage to the formation during work
• Reduced circulation pressure loss
• Effective plasticizer-friction reducer

Xanthan gum is supplied in original 25 kg bags from the manufacturer. Packing in big bags is possible.

Used with this product:
- Guar gum
- Propylene glycol (PG)
- Triacetin (TA)
- Glycerin