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Polyphosphoric acid

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Advantages: in comparison with phosphoric acid, the product in question contains a greater amount of phosphorus oxide, which significantly saves the resources available at the location for the production of one or another compound.

When producing complex fertilizers with polyphosphoric acid, the resulting product will not require additional drying.

Synonyms and international names
Polyphosphoric acid, mixture of pyrophosphoric, metaphosphoric and superphosphoric acids, Polyphosphoric acid, PPA


oil refining industry (used for polymerization);

industrial chemistry (used as a catalyst);

modifier in the production of road bitumen.


Cans of 20 liters (40 kg); barrels of 200 l (340 kg);

ISO tank 19 - 25 t; IBC container 1000 l (2 t)


The shelf life is 1 year from the date of manufacture.