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Thiourea ( thiourea )

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Thiourea, also called thiocarbamide, is a grayish, yellowish or white crystal.

The mass fraction of thiourea in terms of dry matter is not less than 98%.

The mass fraction of losses during drying is no more than 5%, and the fraction of water-insoluble substances is 0.2%.

Synonyms Thiourea

Thiocarbonic acid diamide, thiocarbamide

Application Thiourea

for the synthesis of mercaptans, thiols;

in the production of various dyes;

in the manufacture of synthetic resins;

when separating paraffins, in the form of a flotation agent when enriching ore;

also as a reagent in the photometric determination of substances such as bismuth, ruthenium, osmium and rhenium;

as an inorganic fertilizer and fungicide.

Packaging Thiourea

25 kg bags

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