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ETS-32 / ETS-40

Specific gravity (g / cm2) at 20 ° С 0.970-1.0
Alcohol % max 2.0
Acidity % (HCL) 0.015
Basic substance content (tetraethoxysilane), % 50
Chroma (APHA) max 30
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Silicon content in terms of SiO2,% by weight 32.0-34.0

Ethyl silicates are transparent, low-viscosity liquids, which are a complex mixture of oligoethoxysiloxanes with varying degrees of condensation. Ethyl silicates are thermally stable - they can be used at temperatures from -50 ° C to + 60 ° C. Ethylsilicate-32 and Ethylsilicate-40 differ in SiO2 content - respectively 32% and 40% of the mass.

Synonyms and international names: ETS, Tetraethyl Orthosilicate.

English. spelling: Ethyl Silicate, Ethyl Polysilcate, Tetraethyl-orto-Silicate, Silicic Acid Tetraethyl ester, Tetraethoxysilane, Silane Coupling Agent, ETHYL SILICATE POLYMER


  • in precision casting technology as a starting component in binding solutions used to make molds for casting, a binder for making cores, a component for preparing non-stick paints

  • in construction as a modifying additive for the creation of hydrophobic building materials, treatment of previously painted surfaces of buildings, putty and whitewash solutions, improving the quality and durability of epoxy and bituminous materials, increasing water and frost resistance, corrosion resistance of gypsum, concrete, silicate paints, imparting rigidity and strength wall panels, bricks, plaster and architectural details made of stone, impregnation of concrete in order to reduce its porosity, protection from corrosion of aluminum building structures; preventing the appearance of dark and rusty spots, peeling, efflorescence on the surfaces of structures;

  • in the textile industry as a modifying additive for increasing the strength of cotton yarn, non-shrinking and dirt-repellent finishing of woolen fabrics, reducing shrinkage of carpet products and making them resistant to rotting and dust;

  • in glass production as a modifying additive;

  • in the paint and varnish industry as a modifying additive to parquet varnishes, drying oils;

  • in the manufacture of ceramic products as a binder in ceramic materials, an additive for grinding silicate materials in the production of porcelain, earthenware and majolica masses;

  • in oil production for waterproofing works in oil wells.

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