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Sodium benzoate

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Sodium benzoate is a product of the neutralization reaction of benzoic acid with sodium hydroxide.

On the surface, sodium benzoate is granules that dissolve well in water, have a sweetish taste, odorless or with a slight benzaldehyde odor.

Synonyms and international names

Purox S, sodium benzoate, sodium benzoic acid, E211

English. spelling: sodium benzoate, Purox S, E211, Benzoic acid sodium salt


in the food industry, for canning meat and fish products, margarine, mayonnaise, ketchup, fruit and berry products, drinks, etc.;

as a preservative in the cosmetic industry; - as a preservative in pharmaceuticals;

in the production of hygiene and cosmetic products,

in the tobacco industry to prevent mold from smoking and chewing tobacco;

as an inhibitor added to automotive engine coolants.

Used with this product:

- Trilon B disodium salt

- Trilon B tetrasodium salt

- Stearic acid MASFLEX

- Sulfamic acid