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Soap noodles

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Soap shavings of vegetable origin are a product produced from refined deodorized purified (RDO) Palm oil and refined deodorized purified (RDO) Palm kernel oil, as well as Coconut oil, with the addition of ingredients necessary in the composition mixture for the subsequent manufacture of toilet soap.

Synonyms and international names

Soap chips, semi-finished soap, shavings for washing, soap noodles
English. spelling: soap noodles, soap noodle, toiletry, toilet soap, Sodium Salts of Distilled Palm / Palm Kernel Fatty Acid


in the production of washing powders to increase foaming;

for the production of soap for various purposes as the main material;

as an independent detergent;

for hand and machine wash.


Bag 25 kg


2 years

Used with this product:

- Oleic acid

- Stearic acid MASFLEX