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Calcium formate

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Mass fraction of calcium formate, (%) : 98,22
Mass fraction of calcium, (%): 30,27
Mass fraction of moisture, %: 0,37
Mass fraction of arsenic, %: 9 РРМ
Mass fraction of lead, %: 6 РРМ
PH of 10% aqueous solution: 7,1
Mass fraction of heavy metals, %: 0,001

Calcium formate (calcium formic acid) - sodium salt of formic acid, is a white crystalline powder, odorless, readily soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol.

The content of the main substance is more than 98%. Melting point> 300 ° C, decomposes. Density 1.15 g / cm³.

The pH of the aqueous suspension = 7-7.2


Formic acid calcium, calcium salt of formic acid
English. spelling: calcium formate


  • in the production of dry building mixtures (as an additive to accelerate hardening or as an antifreeze additive in concrete);

  • in the production of Portland cement, concrete, floors, plaster and tile adhesives

  • when dyeing leather and in the production of formic acid;

  • as food additive, preservative, hardener, salt substitute E238.


Calcium formate is supplied in containers from manufacturers in 25 kg polypropylene bags.