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Diphenylamine - (C6H5) 2NH aromatic amine, colorless crystalline substance, darkens in air. Scales or small crystals from light yellow to light brown or melt brown. It dissolves well in diethyl ether, benzene, acetone, CCl4; limitedly soluble in ethanol and methanol; poorly soluble in water. Diphenylamine forms salts with mineral acids.

Synonyms and international names

Synonyms and international names
N, N-Diphenylamine, (N-phenyl) -aniline, DPA
English. spelling: DFA, Deccoscald 282, Naugalube 428 L, Scaldip, Shield DPA; Aniline, N-Phenyl-; Anilinobenzene; Benzenamine, N-phenyl-; Benzene, anilino-; N, N-Diphenylamine; N-Phenylaniline; N-Phenylbenzenamine


  • for the synthesis of dyes, antioxidants, insecticides;

  • as a corrosion inhibitor for mild steels;

  • as a stabilizer for plastics and pyroxylin powder;

  • in analytical chemistry for the detection of NO2-, NO3-, ClO3- and other oxidants.


Bag 25 kg


1 year

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