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Magnesium sulfate

Magnesium sulfate (magnesium sulfate) is an inorganic substance, a salt of magnesium metal and sulfuric acid with the formula MgSO4, white powder, forms several crystalline hydrates.


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It was first found in an epsom source in England.

Application Magnesium sulfate

• Is used as an additive for the construction of road and airfield bases and coatings.

• Part of magnesia cement.

• It is used in the pulp and paper industry as a filler, as well as a component that allows you to maintain and improve the physical and mechanical properties of paper when using bleaches (especially chlorine-containing ones) and to obtain fire-resistant paper products.

• Magnesium sulfate is also used for the preparation of fire-resistant compositions for impregnation of various materials, for the production of synthetic detergents (for example, as a stabilizer for peroxide compounds).

• It is widely used in the textile industry as a filler for materials, a weighting agent for silk and cotton, a mordant for dyeing fabrics and as a bleaching agent.

Packaging Magnesium sulfate

Polypropylene or polyethylene bags of 25 kg, big bags of 600 and 1200 kg.


Guaranteed shelf life of the product: 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Shelf-life Unlimited.

Magnesium sulfate is stored in closed dry warehouses, which provide protection against moisture, contamination and mechanical damage to containers,

in shipping containers in stacks on racks or pallets installed on a flat, solid base.