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Glutaraldehyde (other names — 1,5-pentadial glutaric, dialdehyde of glutaric acid) is a colorless, transparent liquid, which contains up to 51 percent (at least 25 percent) the active substance. Chemical formula of the product: C5H8O2. What properties does such a liquid have, what is it intended for and where should I buy it so that I don't have to doubt the quality?

Product Features

Glutaraldehyde has pronounced disinfecting and sterilizing properties. The product belongs to the group of aldehydes (alcohols that do not contain a hydrogen). It is important to exclude its contact with iron, copper, aluminum, steel, strong acids and ammonia, not to expose it to high temperatures.

Glutaraldehyde, which can be bought in bulk in the company "Rusimpex" LLC (JSC "Rusimpex"), is distinguished by the following technical characteristics:
• pungent fruity smell;
• 100°C — boiling point;
• -18°C — freezing point;
• completely miscible with benzene, toluene, water, alcohols, etc.;
• 1,129 g/ml — density level (relative);
• 3,2-4,2 – pH of a 10% water solution.

Our company guarantees the high quality of the products sold. We cooperate exclusively with trusted suppliers. We conclude direct contracts with them, which allows us to set low prices. Every representative of the chemical, food, textile and oil and gas industries will be able to contact us. If necessary, our competent manager will help you choose the best option.

We have our own fleet, which allows us to deliver products in a short time and strictly to the required address. When transporting a product of this type, we strictly observe the relevant rules. We take into account the individual needs of a particular client. You can leave a request at any time. We recommend you to familiarize yourself with our website, where a lot of useful information is presented.

About the application of the product

Glutaraldehyde is in very high demand. It is most often used for the following purposes:
• for disinfection of water in industrial conditions;
• as a fixator of biological tissues during their study by electron microscopy;
• for disinfection of tools, various surfaces and other objects (for example, cleaning equipment and furniture) in rooms of various purposes;
• to create an embalming agent;
• as a tanning component for natural leather material.

About storage

The delivery of this product is carried out in a durable and easy-to-use package of different weights, which allows you to order the strictly required volume. It is important to store the purchased product correctly, which will allow you not to lose its original properties throughout the entire period declared by the manufacturer. In unopened original packaging, the storage period is 1 year.
If it is not possible to store the product in its original packaging, it is necessary to place it yourself in a reliable sealed container (glass or polyethylene). To prevent decomposition or solidification of the liquid, it should not be stored at a temperature below -33 ° C. It is important to ensure high-quality ventilation, avoid close contact with sources of ignition and heat.

It is forbidden to smoke and light an open fire in the room where this product is used. It is important to use personal protective equipment. It is also necessary to observe measures to prevent the injection of an electrostatic load.

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