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Russiadoes not set itselfthe taskof total substitutiontotal import, said PrimeMinisterat a meeting onissues of import substitutionin sectorsof the Russian economy. No onesets the taskto totalreplacementof all imports, it is impossible,and this is theopposite extreme, — believesthe head of government.However,according to him,the level of state supportin various formsfrom foreign manufacturersare often higherthan ours. Countries thatopenedtheir marketswithout any conditions, frequentlylost entiresectors of the national economy. It kind ofhappenedwith our country in90-eyears. Russiasets the taskof total import substitution. About this at the Cabinet meetingsaid the PrimeMinisternever set a taskof total substitutionof all imports, it's impossible. Opposite extreme, Russian producersoftengetmuch more supportfrom the statethanforeign. In some sectors of the Russian economythe share of importsis particularly significant.It is noted, in the machine tool industryitis estimated at about90 percent, inheavymachinebuildingabout 70per centof oil and gas equipmentisabout 60%, power equipmentabout 50 percent, inagricultural machinerydepending onthe categoryof products — from50 percent to90 percent. The Agency will pay particularattention to programmesin supportof priority industries.It is notedthatit was aboutoil and gasengineering,power engineering,chemistry and engineering. In the anti-crisis plan of the governmentalsomentionedthat the importwill be a key activityof the Russian authoritiesin the coming months.