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On the eve offiling a complaintsaid the Directorof the Department of trade negotiationsMinistry of economic developmentof Russia. A lawsuit inthe European Union's ammonium nitrateand welded pipe, it was decided to mergeinto one,because, essentially, the sameclaim, andthis claimis correlatedwitha previously submittedclaimof the Russian Federationto the European Uniononenergomanagement. Thisstep was takenafter the statementof Ostchem enterprises, part ofGroup DFof Dmitry Firtash, thatthe gas pricefor plantsNitrogenchemistry ofUKRand Russia is very different. Ammonium nitrate, and the peoplejustnitrate, was the causeof the claimof Russia to the worldTrade organization.The report statedthat Russiahas submittedto the WTO Secretariata request for consultationspertaining toantidumping investigationsinKievagainstRussianexportsof ammonium nitrate. Let me remind you thatammonium nitrateis used as a componentin explosivesandas a Nitrogen fertilizer. In January2015the European Commissionlifted the import duties onUkrainianwelded pipes,butimposed duties onwelded pipeproduced in Russia, Belarus andChina.He added thatamong theselawsuitsareinitiated byRussian investors.Exportsof ammonium nitratefrom Russia tothe European Unionlast yeardropped by about1.5 timescomparedwith 2012, whenit amounted toabout 220million dollars.